pub fn sys_read_clock_list(
    clock: ClockKind,
    clocks: &mut [Clock],
    start: u64,
    flags: ReadClockListFlags
) -> Result<usize, ReadClockListError>
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Discover a list of clock sources exposed by the kernel.

This returns a list of clocks stored in clocks and the number of entries filled. By default, one clock from every type of clock exposed (ClockKind), is returned. All information in ClockInfo except the current value is also returned. For each type of clock with more than one clock source, the first one is returned. Users can get a list of all clocks, and thus all clock sources, for a particular type by specifying the ClockKind and setting the appropriate flag.

Users are expected to provide a slice, clocks, to be filled by the kernel. start indicates what offset into the list of clocks the kernel should fill the clocks buffer from. When there are no more clocks to read from a given start offset, then the value 0 is returned.


let mut clocks = [Clock::ZERO; 4];
let result = sys_read_clock_list(
    &mut clocks,
if let Some(filled) = result {
    if filled > 0 {
        println!("time now: {}", clock[0].read().as_nanos());